Weighing system

Accurate dosing of minor ingredients in food industry is very essential. All along these operations were done manually batch by batch. PNEUCON offers excellent solution with pay back, bringing in consistent quality into the product. Transport vessel can be designed as per the batch requirement. Transport vessels are provided with the load cells for weighing purpose. Nozzle orientations as per the requirements are provided for the ease of process.

Benefits of Weighing System

  • Accurate dosing thereby maintaining consistent product quality.
  • Saving in manpower and higher productivity.

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Fly ash handling system

Timely execution of mega-projects in construction Industries has led to paradigm shift with introduction of Batching plant and its product viz; RMC However two basic inputs to RMC viz cement and Fly ash are received at site in Bulkers or in bags The optimum productivity of Batching plant depends on how fast the cement / fly ash is received at site and is transferred to Batching Silo. PNEUCON has designed, manufactured and supplied user friendly system mounted on a skid; it will have options to both modes of Cement / fly ash input i.e. loose in Bulkers or material received in Bags. Conveying from Bulker to Main Silo is achieved by diverting the voluminous air flow at around 1 Kg /Cm2 Pressure. The bulker is aerated and pressurized. Opening of Bottom Valve allows cement / fly ash to fall directly in dispatch pipe. The air flow carries the material to the main Silo.

The conveying rate achieved is 30 – 32 Tons per hour. When cement / fly ash is received at site in Bags, then they are manually taken to a hopper. Bags are slit and loose material is dumped in to the hopper. A specially, designed screw feeder and low pressure air insertion ensures measured flow of material in to the discharge pipe line The cement / fly ash dropped in discharge pipe are pushed ahead to main silo with the pressure of 1 Kg/Cm2. The transfer rate achieved is 12 to 15 Tons / Hour for this mode the same operational procedures remain common for lime handling systems also.

The cement handling systems in form of:

  • Screw Pumps (Screw Feeders)
  • Lime Handling Units with Silos And many other

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