Storage Silo , Lime Storage Silo

Silos can be used for storing grain, cement, coal, carbon black, food products, woodchips and saw dust in bulk.


Being a vertical storage tank, Storage Silo is a rigid, easy to transfer as well as erect. It is a very specialized part of long term storage systems. The material to be stored inside the Storage Silo decides its pattern and design. A number of substances like food, petroleum products, chemicals, sewage and even metal ore can be stored inside this system. Sometimes it is even possible to rebuild a silo for storing a different kind of product. However wet silos can be difficult to convert into dry and vice versa.

We manufacturer and undertake turnkey projects for silos and bulk storage vessels. Our bulk storage vessel finds their wide application in industry and we have undertaken turnkey projects various industry of our country. We have manufactured and supplied wide range of large size silos to our clients. We can do fabrication work for our range of silos, thus giving our clients satisfaction up to their needs.

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