Galvanize silo manufacturer

Pneucon is a world-class manufacturer of different kind of silos. Be it a galvanized silo or a cement silo, we manufacture a wide range of heavy duty storage equipment. The capacity of a galvanize silo featuring a flat bottom ranges between 102 m³ to 20923 m³.


All the components of these silos are properly galvanized, along with the circular ring beam and the supporting leg structure. The bottom end of the silo features a flaccid concrete base. These galvanized silos are commonly used to store grains for a prolonged time without getting spoilt. A Galvanize flat bottom silo is much cheaper as compared to a hopper bottom kind of silo of identical capacity.


Such a silo is also provided with various high-end accessories like aeration system, level switches, discharge gates and temperature monitoring device. Pneucon designs these silos are taking into consideration various factors present on-site like cold, humidity, heavy rainfall, earthquake and hot region. We take a lot of care if the silo is to be placed in a seismic zone.



Flat bottom silos boast of several features. It is made of galvanized silo S350 GD which boasts high elastic resistance. A galvanize silo also has Z450 minimum coating that equals 450 g/m2 of zinc. Our entire product range of silos is equipped with 8.8 high quality dichromate bolts. These silos also have washers equipped with neoprene ensuring a watertight seal. Our galvanized silos’ exteriors are galvanized reinforced. Irrespective of the thickness, all have galvanized shatter-proof exteriors. This ensures complete protection against corrosion. On silo models that feature a diameter more than 12.22 meters, the roof structure is cross section galvanized.


We employ a strict, demanding method of calculating the thickness. The platforms and stairs used in the manufacture of a galvanize silo adhere to the European standard Directive 89/654/CEE.

We also excel in the manufacture of Galvanized Hopper Bottom. The storage capacity of these silos range from 13 m³ to 2000 m³. All the components of these silos are efficiently galvanized, including the circular ring beam and the supporting leg structure. The silo’s bottom end is in a conical hopper shape and measures either 60 degrees or 45 degrees depending on what kind of grain would be stored inside. The hopper angle of the silo is based the repose angle of the stored grain as well as some other characteristics.

The primary benefit of this silo is complete discharge of the grains stored inside owing to gravity. These silos are appropriate for day production along with Galvanized Flat Bottom Silos. These silos are equipped with different accessories like temperature monitoring system, aeration system, level switches and discharge gates. We design the silos keeping in mind various external climatic conditions like earthquake zone, hot, cold, humidity, heavy rain and snow climatic conditions.

We manufacture hopper bottom silos with galvanized steel S350GD that are highly elastic tolerant and also with Z450 minimum coating same as 450 g/m2 zinc. These silos also feature a hot dip galvanized leg support mechanism. For more details please Click Here……