Pressure Vessel manufacturer and exporter in India

Behind vast experience in this industry, we have been capable enough to provide customers with a high quality and long lasting Pressure Vessel. Pressure Vessels offered by us are manufactured in compliance set by industry standards and norms.

Our vessels are manufacture with premium quality of raw material and latest tools and machinery. We have tested our vessels on various parameters to ensure its flawlessness and durability.

We manufacture vessels for water treatment plants, gas storage and refrigeration. Our vessels are export at shipping industries, automotive industries and power industries. We are open for customized vessels for any sort of requirement.

pressure vessel

Advantages of PNEUCON Products:

– Long Lasting life

– High Performance

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Catalyst Unloading System

The catalyst unloading systems are generally designed and fabricated with an objective to transport it at different sites since this happens to be a function to be performed at large industrial complexes especially petroleum, fertilizer industries, atomic power plants, etc. These plants have reactors which are loaded with catalyst which aid the basic process / reaction being carried out in the reactors.

The catalyst have specific life span where after they are to be removed and replaced. The system to execute this job consists of a source of power, cyclone separator and filter bag house. The design of the equipment takes care that the catalysts are not damaged during the unloading, at the same time the velocities are so controlled that the overheating is avoided. The material of construction can be offered according to the compatibility with the catalysts


– Oil Refineries – Fertilizer industries
– Atomic power plants & similar installation having reactors


Technical Specifications

The system can be designed to suit an unloading rate between 1 ton per hour to 25 tons per hour. Depending on the specific requirement optional accessories like pre-heat exchangers and corresponding instrumentation can be supplied. Specially designed bag-filter house having pulsejet cleaning system ensures continuous system operation with constant output.

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Power Plant Equipment Manufacturer

PNEUCON offers Total Solution of Granulation & Material Handling through its single most comprehensive and innovative range of in-house designed products through its best team of technocrats.

Best industrial and engineering practices are applied in all the projects. Established in the industrial hub of Ahmedabad, the company stands equipped with the most refined men and machines to deliver the best of technology and performance in the products.

PNEUCON since its inception has inherited a deep rooted value system which is inculcated in each of its members that are reflected in their day to day life. Stretching, setting aggressive goals, rewarding progress, yet understanding accountability & commitment.
– Having enormous energy & the ability to energize others.
– Living quality, driving cost & speed for competitive advantage.
– Being open to ideas from anywhere & committed to work things out.
– Seeing changes as opportunities.
– Maximizing performance & maintaining results.

PNEUCON aims at being a provider of cost effective and cutting edge solutions in the area of pharmaceutical, food and construction processing with product and services that are unparalleled in the industry.

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Belt conveyor manufacturer India

Industrial Belt Conveyor

The Industrial Belt Conveyor is mainly of two kinds. One which is used for handling general material like the moving boxes inside the factories, and the other which is used for transporting not just industrial but agricultural materials as well, like grain, ores, coal, and others. This belt conveyor is useful for both indoor and outdoor purposes. These belts seek to save lot of time, money and even physical labor. It is not just economical but also low in maintenance.

Belt Conveyor

The Belt Conveyor is designed and installed in such a way so as to meet the belt1bulk material handling and transferring needs. The Conveyor not just saves time and money but also saves a lot of physical labor when it comes to transferring of and handling of bulk materials like food products, fertilizers, cement, cement mixtures and so on. It generally consists of two or more pulleys and a continuous loop, which is the conveyor belt to rotate above them. It seeks to use a wide belt and the pulleys supported by the rollers or even a flat pan along its way.

We can design and install Belt Conveyor Systems to meet all of your material handling needs. Below are some examples of the various types of Belt Conveyors we specialize in. We also Provide Stackers and Portable Conveyors as well as accessories such as Belt Scales, Metal Detectors and Conveyor Switches. Information is provided on portable and stacker conveyors below, however if you need information on a custom system please contact us via your preferred method. For more details you can please Click Here..

Horizontal Silo manufacturer

Pneucon’s horizontal silos are commonly used for storing cement and other heavy construction materials. Pneucon manufactures these horizontal silos from mild steel plate which are molded in a way that the material is dropped into the horizontally shaped screw conveyor fixed on the lower end of the bin. The material is extracted by the horizontal screw conveyor and transferred to the inclined screw conveyor. Following this, the material is discharged from a height of 4.2 meters. Pneucon’s horizontal silos feature a control panel which is useful for the horizontal screw conveyor, vibrators and the inclined screw conveyor. The control panel can be operated automatically while batching a defined cement quantity out from the silo or manually operated through push buttons.


The weight indicator on the horizontal silo displays the net weight of the stored cement inside the silo. It also enables accurate and quick calibration of the load cells. The cement’s pre-set quantity can be batched out automatically on loss- in-weight basis just with a single hit button that can be operated from the display panel. The same procedure also can be manually done by separately operating all other dosing devices through push buttons that are found on the control panel. The accessories bin is held up electronic load cells. This bin effectively transfers the load to an appropriate framework.
The framework is equipped with offloading legs that are operated manually. As a reliable horizontal silo manufacturer, we provide horizontal silos with efficient vibrators for facilitating material flow, as well as flow of relief pipe, loading pipe, man hole and pressure relief valve. Pneucon’s horizontal silos are available in capacities of 20 tons, 30 tons and 4o tons. Our horizontal silos feature well engineered load cell weighing systems with advanced electronic instruments. Some other salient features of these silos are inclined screw conveyor, horizontal screw conveyor, electric control panel, pressure relief valve, relief pipe and loading pipe. The vibrators help to facilitate smooth material flow. These horizontal silos are feature a Man Hole and an optionally provided rear mounted dust filter.

Since then time we started business, we have earned a formidable reputation for developing an innovative concept for storage silos and are industry leaders when it comes to horizontal silos. For the clueless, horizontal silos are suited for temporary storage of granular and powder products. We can deliver the silo on a traditional flatbed vehicle and can be sited with a forklift, lorry-mounted crane or a simple crane.
We also excel in the production and design of a cement silo. Pneucon is a major company that produces it. We also excel in manufacturing concrete batching plants. We have several factories established for cement silo production. Today, we are a name to reckon with when it comes to manufacturing cement silos. We also export many of your cement silos successfully to different clients. We manufacture it using supreme quality materials and cutting-edge technology. We ensure high production through stringent quality standards adopted at all our manufacturing plants. For more details please Click Here….

Grain storage silo

“We are the Manufacturer and Exporter of Grain Storage Silo and Maize Storage Silo”

As a class leading provider of material handling and storage systems, Pneucon has been manufacturing and exporting superior quality maize storage and grain storage silos.

Be it a grain storage silo or a maize storage silo, you can always trust us when it comes to installation and effective functioning of these industrial machines. We offer silo installation services across the country. For quite a time, we have enjoyed a reputation as a reliable installer of maize storage silos and grain storage silos, backed up by strength an quality of commercial grain and maize storage tanks. We only use highly advanced and the latest equipment for manufacturing commercial grain and maize storage ranks.

Among the various high-end equipments we use for manufacturing these silos, one is the external stiffener that is known to offer remarkable support and also hinders grain accumulation which is a key reason which causes the grains to get spoilt. Grain spoilage is often seen with internal stiffeners and this particularly why we only depend on external stiffeners.







Since the time Pneucon has been launched, we have continued to provide unparalleled and exceedingly good quality services when it comes to making a grain storage silo or a maize storage silo. We are completely involved with the installation, manufacturing and the design of the silos and cater to the client’s specific requirements when it comes making silos of different specifications as well as different models.

Indeed, we offer end-to-end services pertaining to maize and grain storage silos. As an industry leading material handling provider, we are involved with the fundamental silo designing, designing the entire process of silos, conveying, elevation, drying, cleaning, capacity and temperature measuring, ventilation, fumigating as well as an automatic controlling mechanism. We are also well equipped to manufacture flat bottom and cone vertical silo which feature a 1.8.m to 32m diameter and these silos have a storage capacity of 5 ton to 20, 000 ton.

We have the right expertise when it comes to manufacturing and handling silos that can ably store soybean, rice, barley, corn, wheat and many other grain products. Our steel silos are manufactured with supreme quality, robust galvanized s steel sheets. All the parts and components used in manufacturing silos adhere to strict industrial quality standards and we never compromise on the quality of any product coming out of our stable. Being manufactured with the highest quality steel, these silos are cost-effective, easy and effortless to accommodate, simple to handle, light in weight and are also built without consuming a lot of time. For more details……..

Dense Phase System

The production cycle in major manufacturing industries, food processing units, etc. involves the complex handling and transportation of abrasive, fragile and friable materials. This is accomplished using the dense phase system, which uses the pneumatic techniques for conveying the materials. The compressed air is used to push the materials in the sender unit through a pipeline to the destination unit where the air and the product is separated using some other system. As this system uses the high pressure, low volume gas techniques, it ensures both the product integrity along with system stability. Some of the benefits are

  • A considerable amount of energy saving as low volume gas is required
  • Less maintenance cost
  • Low volume gas with high pressure leads to low velocity which preserves the product integrity
  • Available for both long and short transport routes
  • Available in batch form or as continuous pipelines

There are various types of the dense phase conveying techniques in use, they are

  • Low velocity slug flow
  • Bypass Conveying
  • Single slug conveying
  • Extrusion flow
  • Air assisted gravity conveying
  • Fluidized dense phase
  • Low velocity plug flow


Some of the major areas of application are Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Distillery, Food Industry, Steel, Cement, Mineral Processing, etc. Some of the applications are Powder conveying, Fly ash conveying, Cement conveying, Glass conveying, Plastic conveying, Pellet conveying, Food Conveying,  etc.

Plastic granule conveying system

The plastic granual conveying system offers solutions for the transportation of materials like inert plastics, virgin polymers, techno-polymers in various forms. A uniform pressure is used to push the material at low speed to the destination. Inadequate conveying system increases the risk of low product integrity and line wear and abrasions.

Tips on selecting the correct system

The industrial growth has put these systems in more demands in terms of both the usage and technologies used. When placing order from a dense phase system exporter, there are certain aspects to be checked upon with that are:

  • Automated operations
  • Dust free and corrosion resistant
  • The system must be reliable and strong
  • Minimal operating cost and investment cost
  • Minimal component wears and maintenance cost
  • Optimum conveying velocity for economic performance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Better energy saving with low gas consumption
  • Feasible for both long and short transfer routes with no product segregation during conveying so that the product integrity is retained
  • Gentle conveying techniques are to be used
  • Long lasting designs with key factors like high system pressures, low air to solid ratios, low velocities, etc.

These factors are applicable in case if you are looking for a dense phase system manufacturer India. As there are many competent in this sector, it’s important to order from the reliable manufacturer so that system stays in the long run. Check on with their product catalogues regarding the techniques used to ensure robust and quality tested end products. Ensure that they have completely understood your specification and the system design provided by them is compatible to your requirements. Check whether they offer support for the complete installation process, the start up, provide an effective operator training and follow up supports.

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