Industrial Belt Conveyor, Flexible Screw Conveyor

Screw conveyor               

Spiral conveyor adapts international standard products. It has advanced technical data, new designed structure, better sealing, stronger abrasive resistance, lower resistance, lasts longer. Spiral conveyor is used for deliver goods in powder, grainy and lumpy shapes. It is widely used in the industrial department.

Flexible Screw Conveyor

PNEUCON flexible screw conveyor, also known as a spiral conveyor, screw conveyor, helix conveyor or center less auger conveyor, consists of a spring steel or stainless steel, flexible screw that is enclosed in a flexible or rigid plastic tube, or a rigid steel tube, and driven by an electric motor normally located at the discharge end of the conveyor. This simple design delivers efficient performance and high reliability while reducing maintenance and cost. When properly engineered according to the specific characteristics of the material being conveyed and the process into which it will be integrated, a flexible screw conveyor can outperform rigid screw conveyors, bucket elevators, drag chain conveyors, aero mechanical conveyors and other equipment intended to transport powder and bulk solid materials.

The intake end of a flexible screw conveyor tube is typically equipped with a charging adapter a U-shaped trough that connects to the outlet of a hopper or directly to the outlet of process equipment such as a bulk bag discharger, bag dump station, and grinder, crusher, screener, blender, reactor or storage vessel of any kind.

The flexible screw passes through the charging adapter trough, exposing a section of the screw to material flowing into the trough from above. When rotating, the exposed section of screw feeds material into the outer tube, where it is then propelled through the tube by the enclosed portion of the screw.

A phenomenon resulting from the loose fit of a rotating flexible screw within a tube filled with bulk material is that the screw automatically self-centers within the tube, providing clearance between the screw and tube wall. This affords sufficient space for particles to flow without damage, depending on the fragility and size of particles being conveyed.

A removable clean-out cap covers the intake end of the conveyor tube, permitting rapid emptying and flushing of the tube, as well as disassembly and wash-down of components. Because the intake end of the screw requires no bearing, and since the discharge end is coupled to the motor drive above and/or beyond the point at which material exits the discharge spout, material does not come in contact with seals or bearings. The flexible screw is therefore the only moving part contacting material. For more details please visit our website:

Industrial Belt Conveyor

The Industrial Belt Conveyor is mainly of two kinds. One which is used for handling general material like the moving boxes inside the factories, and the other which is used for transporting not just industrial but agricultural materials as well, like grain, ores, coal, and others. This belt conveyor is useful for both indoor and outdoor purposes. These belts seek to save lot of time, money and even physical labor. It is not just economical but also low in maintenance.

Belt conveyor

The Belt Conveyor is designed and installed in such a way so as to meet the bulk material handling and transferring needs. The Conveyor not just saves time and money but also saves a lot of physical labor when it comes to transferring of and handling of bulk materials like food products, fertilizers, cement, cement mixtures and so on. It generally consists of two or more pulleys and a continuous loop, which is the conveyor belt to rotate above them. It seeks to use a wide belt and the pulleys supported by the rollers or even a flat pan along its way.

We can design and install Belt Conveyor Systems to meet all of your material handling needs. Below are some examples of the various types of Belt Conveyors we specialize in. We also Provide Stackers and Portable Conveyors as well as accessories such as Belt Scales, Metal Detectors and Conveyor Switches. Information is provided on portable and stacker conveyors below, however if you need information on a custom systems please contact us via your preferred method.

We can design and install Belt Conveyor Systems to meet all of your material handling needs. Below are some examples of the various types of Belt Conveyors we specialize in. further details visit our website


Fly ash handling system

Timely execution of mega-projects in construction Industries has led to paradigm shift with introduction of Batching plant and its product viz; RMC However two basic inputs to RMC viz cement and Fly ash are received at site in Bulkers or in bags The optimum productivity of Batching plant depends on how fast the cement / fly ash is received at site and is transferred to Batching Silo. PNEUCON has designed, manufactured and supplied user friendly system mounted on a skid; it will have options to both modes of Cement / fly ash input i.e. loose in Bulkers or material received in Bags. Conveying from Bulker to Main Silo is achieved by diverting the voluminous air flow at around 1 Kg /Cm2 Pressure. The bulker is aerated and pressurized. Opening of Bottom Valve allows cement / fly ash to fall directly in dispatch pipe. The air flow carries the material to the main Silo.

The conveying rate achieved is 30 – 32 Tons per hour. When cement / fly ash is received at site in Bags, then they are manually taken to a hopper. Bags are slit and loose material is dumped in to the hopper. A specially, designed screw feeder and low pressure air insertion ensures measured flow of material in to the discharge pipe line The cement / fly ash dropped in discharge pipe are pushed ahead to main silo with the pressure of 1 Kg/Cm2. The transfer rate achieved is 12 to 15 Tons / Hour for this mode the same operational procedures remain common for lime handling systems also.

The cement handling systems in form of:

  • Screw Pumps (Screw Feeders)
  • Lime Handling Units with Silos And many other

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