Concrete Batching Plant


Four Bin Series – PFBCP Series Concrete Batching / Mixing Plant is a very innovative product of PNEUCON Machinery; the plant can produce wet concrete with capacity of 120 m3/hr. capacity.


It is a fully automatic Plant with electronic load cell type weighing batching system for aggregates, cement, water & additive. The plant having electronic weigh batching system with PLC based microprocessor control for aggregate, cement, water & additive separately indicating Time, Date, Batch Number, Weight etc for each cycle.

The Plant is equipped with 6 load cells for aggregate weighing, 3 load cells for cement weighing, 1 load cell for water weighing and 1 load cell for additive weighing. The recipes selection is to be entered and as per the number of batches to be selected, all the operations are carried out fully automatically.

concrete3_sSalient Features:

  • Batch Weighing System                Concrete Batching/Mixing Plant available in 120 m3/hour capacity.
  • Jumbo Bag Loaders Rigid construction of main structure; fabricated from rolled mild steel material.
  • Bulk Bag Loaders Aggregate stored by Inline Bins.
  • Storage Silo Replaceable Tiles and Tips in the mixer.
  • Screw Conveyor
  • Independent weighing system for Aggregate, cement, water & additive, reduces the cycle time as the weighing is done simultaneously.
  • Silo Aggregate weigh is suspended on four ‘S’ type load cells, gives higher accuracy.
  • Cement Silo Ample space on platform with protective railing for easy maintenance.
  • Horizontal Silo Plant Fully Automatic-Electronic operation with PLC/PC Control.
  • Vertical Silo Plant Maximum weighing accuracy.
  • Central Vacuum System Plant Available with Single Shaft, Twin Shaft, and Planetary and Pan Type mixer.

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